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(JANUARY HGS – 2017) Daddy said -There is someone here:


1. All the prophecies of God concerning you shall be speedily fulfilled in Jesus’ name

2.  Before you die you will seat with princes

3.  Since the beginning of the year, your cry to God has been help me Lord, help me Lord; He ask me to tell you,  I will help you.

4. Daddy asks me to tell someone, He said, this year 2017, the garment of shame will be permanently removed from you.


5. The Lord said, there is someone here who thought he has come because it is the first Holy Ghost service of the year, He said let me tell you, you have come to have an encounter with Me.


6. I just have that feeling within me…, I am not saying thus says the Lord now, this is me now talking from a conviction deep within me; that all those who have been standing in the way of your promotion, unless they repent, they shall become food for the lions.

6. Now, I believe your faith has grown, so I am going to repeat it: that one day, when you take your money to the bank, they will close their door to other customers.

7. Anything that the enemy may want to lure you into a trap this year, the enemy will fail.


8. I pray for you my brothers and sisters, the ability to know when the enemy is presenting you with poison;  Jesus’ name.


9. The Lord says there is someone here; He asked me to tell you to stop thinking of death; I have not finish with you yet.

10.The Lord says there is someone here; He said by the time the first rain of the year falls, your harvest will begin.


11.The Lord says there is someone here: He said, whether you are coming in or you are going out, you will always have something to rejoice about.

12.The Lord says there is someone here: He said, one of the surprises that you are going to get is that you are going to live in divine health throughout this year..

13.Daddy says there is somebody here; He said those who have the ability to help you will be willing and they will be eager this year.

 14.Daddy says there is someone here, He said, last year you were running, this year you will be flying.

 15.Daddy says there is someone here tonight, He said, you will be one of the first hundred to receive a mighty pleasant surprise.

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    11/09/2017 at 18:47

    I receive all blessings In Jesus mighty name

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