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(SEPTEMBER HGS – 2017) Daddy said -There is someone here:











1.    Oh, thank You
Father. The Lord says there is someone; He said, you will see your grandchildren
before you die.


2.     Oh thank You Father. The Lord says there is a woman here; or listening to me
wherever you are in the world, He said, the snake that is eating your husband
seed is dead.


3.    The Lord says there is someone here, He said, I have a package for you and there
are two surprises within the package.


4.    Daddy says there is someone here; He said, the one who said you will only have a
child over her dead body, will be buried this month.


5.    Well, I want to say amen to this one before I tell you because the Lord says
there is someone here tonight, He said, very soon there will be an explosion in
your home and it will be an explosion of joy.

6.    Thank You Father. Daddy says if I can make dry bones live, every womb considered
too old to bear, shall come back to life.

7. The Lord asks me to tell someone, He said, the anointing on My
son will flow out to you and you too you will become joyful.

8.         Thank You Father. The Lord says there is someone here; He said, those who tried to put you out of business will soon come to you begging for contracts.

Oh thank You Father. Daddy asks me to tell somebody here tonight, He said the
fellow will understand; He asked me just to tell you, you will overcome.

10.     He says before I conclude I should tell someone here tonight, He said I will use your case to prove my Al-mightiness.

 11.     Oh Daddy! You are wonderful- You know the last verse of the song that we sang…, because as you know I am a Mathematician I did not study music; any song that you hear us singing, He gave it to me; And He said in the last verse there was a prophecy to someone and He asked me to tell whoever that is (and I believe it must be me), He said you will
laugh loud, you will laugh long and you will laugh last.

You are going to talk to the Almighty God and tell Him: From now on I am Yours; I am committed to You in holiness, committed to You in purity, I will do Your will hundred percent, just help me Lord, give me grace.

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