• Sunday Service
    Sunday school: 2.30pm-3:00pm
    Celebration Service: 3:00pm-5:00pm

    First Sunday of the Month
    Thanksgiving Service

    Every Friday except 3rd and FOL Fridays
    Bible Study
    Venue: Church Hall
    Time: 7-8pm

    3rd Friday of the Month
    Venue: Catacombs
    Time: 10pm-2am

    Every third Saturday of the Month
    We fellowship with our Senior Citizens at the Longland Residential Care Home – Blackbird Leys, Oxford

    House Fellowship
    Presently we have four (4) House Fellowship centers in the following Addresses:
    1. 8 Mayfair Road, Cowley Centre. Every Wednesday 7-8pm
    2. 7 Jasmine Close, Blackbirdleys. Every Wednesday 7-8pm
    3. 468 Cowley Road. Every Monday 6-7pm
    4. 11 Gouldland Gardens, Headington. Every Wednesday 7-8pm